Fast Delivery

Guangxi Huajiang E-Commerce Co., Ltd., as a well-known e-commerce company, is widely praised for its fast and reliable delivery service. No matter where you are, as long as you purchase the products of Guangxi Huajiang E-Commerce Co., Ltd., you can enjoy fast and punctual delivery service and the convenience of real-time tracking logistics information.

After the customer places an order and completes the payment, if our products are in stock, we will arrange to send out the products within 72 hours. For customized products, we will depend on the specific situation, and the products will be sent to customers as soon as possible after production.

Guangxi Huajiang E-Commerce Co., Ltd. relies on an advanced logistics system when processing orders, which can track logistics information in a timely manner. Once your product is shipped, we will send you an email or social media with your logistics tracking number, and you can track the shipping status of the product in real time.Whether it is to confirm that the product has been shipped, or to check the specific location of the product, customers can obtain information accurately and quickly.